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Every hotel entrepreneur knows how important it is to work with good catering equipment. After all, you want to be able to get the most out of your business every day. He knows that this allows him to offer his guests the best service and quality. Never want to be limited by equipment. Worry-free work is possible if you rely on high-quality equipment.

Together with Maxima we supply professional Horeca equipment.

For over 45 years Maxima has been synonymous with quality and ease of use. This is always linked to affordable prices and the best possible customer experience. For you, this means: value for money and maximum satisfaction.

  • Reliable: quality equipment, suitable for intensive use
  • Fast: our range is dispatched from our own warehouse within 24 hours
  • Security: in-house technical service and workshop with spare parts in our own warehouse, as well as an extensive warranty
  • Accessible: support available via phone and email
  • Reputation: Over 45 years of experience and a high customer satisfaction rating of 9/10


The brand has been present in the Portuguese market since 1955 and is highly recognized in the national market.

Junex is proud to present equipment with an excellent quality / price ratio, accompanying,
always the latest trends. Tradition combined with a true knowledge of technology and design makes Junex strengthen the trust it has with distributors and consumers, continuing
to be a reference brand in the Junex market, a Portuguese brand, a trusted brand.


Stirmatic's history begins in 1974, in Bologna, Italy, based on the experience of specialized technicians who operated in the laundry area.
During all the 80s and 90s of the 20th century, the knowledge accumulated in the area allowed designing and manufacturing innovative vacuum steam ironing boards, high-power steam generators and ironing boards that managed to conquer the Italian market, first, then international.
Since 2003, the headquarters have moved to Milan, the catalog selection has increased and the distribution network has been consolidated, both nationally and internationally.


The company was established in 1991 as a citrus juicer manufacturer.
Nowadays Frucosol manufactures products for the horeca business.
Frucosol is a company attentive to the needs of the market and works to satisfy them, naturally following the highest quality standards.
Frucosol is a leading brand as a provider of solutions for the Horeca business; this is the result of the company's development and the trust of customers, resellers and professionals since our first steps.

Customer satisfaction is one of the main points of our philosophy;

It is based on investment in production processes, increased quality and continuous improvement of the marketing and distribution network.
Frucosol equipment is characterized by high quality since it has been manufactured in stainless steel since the beginning. Its resistance to corrosion and its hygienic and aesthetic properties make stainless steel a very attractive material for hotel, catering and restoration equipment.
High experience in the sector that translates a differentiating and unique know-how; we manufacture equipment that offers solutions and facilitates work thanks to its functional and efficient designs. Features like their long service life, easy maintenance and simplicity of installation make them perfect to suit any modern business.
The shortest delivery time guaranteed by our stock management and efficient manufacturing process.
Close communication and proximity to the customer with many solutions that help us to establish flexible, efficient and fast relationships at any time.


The history of Kopa charcoal ovens begins in 2013, when Kopa decided to provide chefs and restaurant owners with charcoal products that would reduce their operating costs and help them prepare better dishes. Kopa's goal is to establish itself as a provider of solutions for grilling in a commercial kitchen.

In early 2014, demand for grill ovens was on the rise. Customers turned to Kopa because they wanted a grill oven, but the availability was very limited and not fit for purpose. Kopa considered that the project had great potential and immediately began researching the field and producing its first product. It turned out to be an excellent product, so they started a marketing process.
The Kopa grill oven is a significantly more complex product than what first appeared. We also put a lot of effort into the right design and Kopa created a great solution with an industrial designer. The oven can be placed in full view of the diners and the restaurant's theme can be built around the oven. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the look and functionality of Kopa equipment, which makes us very proud to supply and distribute the products of this outstanding company.


The company was set up in 1964, in a small establishment in Giarre, a small town near Catania , Sicily, Italy.

Vito Sangrigoli , after gaining experience working for the “Società Fratelli Indelicato”-specialists in juice extraction and essence extraction sector – decided to indulge in his desire to open his own business , designing and making his own modern industrial machinery for the citrus industry and Agrumac was born.

In the early 80’s his son Carmelo , after gaining experience in the company, decided to diversify and expand into the bakery sector. This wasn’t without some difficulty but with the help of his brothers , Antonio and Roberto , in time the business grew and began conquering markets in Europe and abroad.

The Sangrigoli company now covers a production area of over 2000m between offices and an ever developing production area.

In 2021, the 40th anniversary of the company, the company has been profoundly renewed launching it’s new brand “SPIRALMAC”.

Now in the hands of the third generation .The company , as always , wants to offer its customers strong ,sturdy and trustworthy products rigorously MADE IN ITALY.


Jocel is a Portuguese brand founded in 1983 by Mr. José Oliveira Couto, dedicating itself to the wholesale trade of domestic appliances, with some of its products covering the industrial and professional area.


Irinox was founded in 1989 in Corbanese, Italy. It is world famous
as a specialist in blast chillers and blast freezers. The production,
Made in Italy, it is entirely made in our factories, in an area of 9,000 m2 on the outskirts of Treviso.