Premium Wok Burner - Simple - Gas


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  • wok burner with stainless steel lid
  • Cast iron cooking ring designed for heavy loads
  • Burner equipped with a drip tray at the bottom
  • Easy-to-remove drip tray for intensive cleaning
  • Burner with pilot flame
  • Equipped with safety thermostat
  • Gas safety valve with thermocouple
  • Suitable for LPG or natural gas
  • Highly durable construction
  • hygienic design

product specifications

  • Net weight: 30.7kg
  • Cast iron ring diameter: Ø28.5cm
  • Device dimensions: L40 x D90 x H38cm
  • Total gas power: 14.0 kW
  • Installed gas injectors: G25 - natural gas
  • Extra set of gas injectors: G30 - LPG (propane/butane)

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